(Malus domestica) We're terrible apple growers. We don't have the patience apples require. There are so many (organic) sprays and treatments—it's like each fruit needs to be pampered like a Kardashian. If you want good apples, try our patient and apple-savvy friends down the road at Dream Apple Farm

  • Pests
    Before we put up our fence, the deer would chow down on the apple blossoms and destroy our crop in an instant. So we put up a 6-foot fence. Locals said the deer would jump over. They didn't.  But they did push under. For all the hype about deer jumping over 40 foot fences at the Mexican border (OK, maybe I'm mixing fence stories), they are much more likely to push under. Once we secured the bottom of our fence, the trees were safe. 
  • Year planted / Source
    20 plants 2014 (Michigan Bulb); 11 in 2018 (Elderflower, now out-of-business). 
  • Cultivars
    Gold Rush, Wolf River, WineCrisp coop31, Caville Blanc