We're testing 20+ types of dry beans in 2021— because there is a big world out there beyond pinto, navy, and black beans. Those three are boring, bland and tasteless—like most reality TV shows. Our antioxidant and nutrition-rich varieties have evocative names like Tiger's Eye, Koronis Purple, and Saturday Night Special. We planted them all close together, in hopes we get some interesting cross-breeding. We're told beans are quite promiscuous (again, just like reality TV stars). 

  • Pests
    Beans seem pest-free so far. 
  • Types
    Appaloosa, Black Coco, Calypso, Hungarian Rice, Hutterite Soup, Irish Creek Annie, Iroquois Cornbread, Jacob’s Gold, Jacobs Cattle, Koronis Purple, Lina Cisco, Marfax, Money, Nez Perce, Painted Pony, Peregion, Rockwell, Saturday Night Special, Silver Cloud Cannelinni, Soldier, Swedish Brown, Tiger's Eye, Vermont Appaloosa, Vermont Canberry, Verna Bush, White Marrowfat, Yellow Indian Woman