(Castanea mollissima ‘Improved’) Our original plan was to plant 100 chestnut trees and bask in the tons of chestnuts we'd gather up each year.  Well it didn't work out. The deer ravaged our trees and the wet soil took out the rest. Of the original 100, three are hanging on. 

  • Health Benefits
    As a perennial, chestnuts could be a great source of carbs without doing the kind of soil damage that results from corn or wheat.    
    Deer pushed over our tree tubes to get to the chestnuts. This was an act of murder, as most of the tres succumbed. 
  • Year planted / Source
    100 plants 2015 (Forrest Keeling). 3 survive. 
  • Cultivars
    "Chinese" chestnuts are resistant to the blight that killed nearly all American Chestnut trees a while back.