(Ribes nigrum) Currants are easy to grow, and less susceptible to bird damage than other berries. But they are also not as sweet. You probably haven't eaten currants because back in the day they got bad press for supposedly carrying a virus that killed pines. They actually don't harm pines at all, but once a plant is "cancelled" it's hard to get back on top. 

  • Health Benefits
    Currents have high levels of antioxidants, proanthocyanidins, polythenols, and Vitamin C. 
  • Best eaten as                       
    Current jam is pretty good. You can eat them fresh, but they are kind of bland.
  • Pests
    Birds don't bother our currants.  
  • Year planted / Source
    6 plants 2018 (Elderflower, now out-of-business). All survive. They are really easy to grow.
  • Cultivars
    Currents come in different colors. We have black and "champagne."