(Juglans ailantifolia var. cordiformis) A heartnut is a walnut that's kinda shaped like a heart. Unlike native (black) walnuts, heartnuts taste good and are easy to crack open. The English walnuts you buy in the store won't grow here, but heartnuts will. We hope.

  • Health Benefits
    Nuts are good for you in general, and walnuts are chock full of Omega3s.   
  • Pests
    We planted our first heartnuts before the deer fence. We thought tree tubes would protect them. Nope. The the deer would shoehorn their snouts under the tree tube to force the tubes up... so the evil deer could then chew on the tree bark. After the deer fence, we still had a problem with birds chewing on the soft tissue of the growing trees.  
  • Year planted / Source
    6 trees 2016 (Woodstock); 5 trees 2019 (Grinmo). All survive despite major setbacks.
  • Cultivars
    Non-name (Woodstock); and grafted Simco 82, Stealth, and Grinmo89.