(Lonicera caerulea) Imagine an elongated blueberry—that's pretty much what a honeyberry fruit is. But it's a lot easier to grow. A lot! (Blueberries are impossible.) Honeyberries will survive such cold temperature, they might be a candidate for Elon Musk's Mars farms. Well, maybe.

  • Health Benefits
    Honeyberries have four times the Vitamin C of blueberries. Plus they show the same anti-inflammatory properties of other dark-colored berries.   
  • Best eaten as                       
    Honeyberries can be eaten fresh off the plant. They are a little more tart than blueberries, but still tasty. But they really shine in jam; just a small amount of sugar really brings out their unique flavor. 
  • Pests
    Birds like honeyberries. The perch near our plants and taunt us as we walk by, as if to say "Haha, we're going to eat all your berries as soon as you leave." So we got netting to foil these arrogant jerks.  
  • Year planted / Source
    40 in 2015 (Evergreen); 72 in 2016 (Spring Meadow). All survive. 
  • Cultivars
    Sugar Mountain Blue and its pollinator Eisbar have gown into big bushes here with zero berries--even after 5 years. We will be ripping them out soon. However Yezberry Maxie and its pollinator Yezberry Solo are prolific, pumping out huge berries in the second year. This is a case where there is a massive difference between cultivars.