(Lavandula) We went big with Lavender in 2019, planting 256 of the variety "Phenomenal."  It was supposed to be, well phenomenal. They grew great, but did not survive the winter—which was a double bummer because it wasn't that cold.  255 of the 256 plants died. But by the time we realized they were not as hardy as we thought, we had already ordered 450 more. We planted them in 2020, and they grew well. We also planted 56 plants of more hardy stock, having learned that cultivar names are hype. Now we're wondering if beefsteak tomatoes may not actually contain beef?
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  • Year planted / Source
    256 plants in 2019 (Peacetree); 450 in 2020 (North Creek); 56 in 2020 (Victors)
  • Cultivars
    Phenomenal, Folgate, Munstead, Hidcote, Royal Velvet.