(Prunus tomentosa) This is a bush type of cherry that produces beautiful blossoms and tart cherrys. But the cherries are small and have enormous pits. Thy look pretty for the 9 minutes or so before the birds get them. 

  • Health Benefits
    Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties.    
  • Best eaten as                       
    These are too tart to eat fresh, but good for pie, jam etc. 
  • Pests
    One year, rabbits ate all the bark around the bottom of all our shrubs. We thought the plants were toast, but they came back with vigor. Take that, evil lupus! However, birds have eaten most of our ripe cherries. We're planning to net them. (the cherry bushes, not the birds)
  • Year planted / Source
    18 plants 2015 (Forrest Keeling); 5 in 2018 (Raintree). The 2015 plants are doing well, the 2018 plants all died, probably because of a very wet spring. 
  • Cultivars
    There are no cultivars of this plant that we know of.