(Asimina triloba) Paw Paws are interesting tree that's now being revived. Peeling the fruit's green skin reveals a mango-banana flavored custard.  They should grow well in this region, and ours are coming along nicely. Well, we're in year 2... at least 5 to go before fruit. The biggest issue so far is our mower... we accidentally mowed right over one of the seedlings. Ouch!

  • Best eaten as                        
    Fresh. Paw Paw won't keep very long, and must be frozen or canned if not eaten right away. 
  • Pests
    Bugs don't bother paw paw which makes them a candidate for farms that want to be organic. 
  • Year planted / Source
    9 plants 2019 (One Green World). 
  • Cultivars
    Benson, Atwood, Chappell.