(Prunus persica) As kids, we were eating peaches one day and thought, "what would happen if we planted the pit?" Amazingly it grew into a tree. Well, we think it was a peach tree... it never did bear any fruit.  On the farm, we planted seedlings, not pits. Our peaches are surviving, but a cold winter took it's toll.

  • Pests
    The Japanese beetles were a problem one year, but the bigger issue seems to be our cold winters to -10. 
  • Year planted / Source
    3 trees 2018 (Elderflower, Stark, and Raintree)
  • Cultivars
    All are Contender. We bought from 3 sources to compare, but they haven't grown enough for us to tell which is better.  A fourth tree of an unknown variety was given to us as a gift. It did give us peaches one year, but now seems to be dying.