(Prunus domestica) We're taking a chance with plums. Our soil has a bit more clay than plums like, but they seem to be growing pretty well.  Plums have a lot of health benefits, especially addressing problems older people face; if you know what I mean. We're not getting any younger, so bring on the plums! 

  • Best eaten as    
    Fresh. Plums don't keep long, but one can dry them. Dried plums are called "prunes." Well, they used to be. The word "prune" has such bad PR, it's been dropped in favor of "dried plums." What next? Dried grapes?  If wrinkly things are better with "dried" in front, maybe "senior citizen" will be dropped in favor of "dried people."                  
  • Pests
    We had Japanese beetles one year, and they loved our plum tree leaves. The good news is these beetles are kind of stupid. They don't fly away if you try to pick them off the leaves, and they don't seem to notice when you have squashed 100 of their friends. 
  • Year planted / Source
    20 plants 2018 (Elderflower now out of business) and (Fedco).
  • Cultivars
    Black Ice, Superior, Wisconsin Beauty, Toka, Alderman, La Crescent