(Amelanchier alnifolia) Saskatoons (aka Serviceberry) are pitched as a blueberry for northern climates. But we'll never know how they taste, because ours have been decimated by cedar apple rust. On the plus side, the blighted berries look like weird alien fruit from a bad episode of the original Star Trek.

  • Pests
    That "hairy" berry in the picture--it's not supposed to look like that. That's the result of cedar apple rust which is yucky for saskatoons. It's also a blight for apples; perhaps that's obvious given the name. Apparently, this infection only happens if there are cedar trees nearby. Our farm is located between Cedarburg and Cedar Gorge, so there is really no hope. The experts say cedar apple rust only affects the berries and won't kill the plants. But after 4 years of annual infection, our bushes are dying.
  • Year planted / Source
    50 plants in 2025 each from Woodstock and Cold Stream). 
  • Cultivars
    Unnamed cultivars